28 Mart 2010 Pazar

Just a Girl...A Gamer Girl!

Hello fellow gamers,

As you obviously are aware of that fact now,this blog is all about gaming.Let me tell you a bit about my-self.

Why I undertook such a project?...

I was a gamer all my-life,from the very moment I could type on the old good Atari XLS' keyboard,I lost my-self in the beauty of the virtual,fantastic world.Sure,the graphics were far from offering a competition to nowadays huge,dream-like,mind blowing animations and backgrounds,but it seems gamers are natural born grinders and ''the looks'' dont matter much next to the pleasure of hitting the beast,savoring the virtual victory !

Yep...It is all about winning...

And I;the itty bitty 4 years old gamer baby-girl,had DECIDED to have an epic win over my brother.

I practised every moment I could,while he was in school,while he went to play football,when he was doing his homeworks,while he hit on his first crush...

From the lovely,simple Pac-Man,to the first Alone in the Dark,from strategy games like Colonisation to the FPS Rainbow Six;

I tried my gaming skills and lurked in shadows...

Yes,I believed in epic win,and when I savored my victory over him in this game he had brought home :''Golden Axe'' I felt it was the top of my gaming experience.I was no longer ''just a girl'' in his eyes,but an equal.Suddenly he had to revise his opinions about girls abilities,and mine of course.

This was an '' Epic Win'' in all platforms...

Well that feeling haunted me all my life.And through games.It made me strive to ''make'' better each time I failed.

And you know what?Not just in virtual world;the experience I had with my brother had changed me forever.I was not feeling helpless,incompetent,the word ''impossible'' had lost its meaning for me.Through practice and perseverence,and right skills,all can be done.

I made my way through so many games and gaming communities,each of these experience left me with valuable realisations about gamers,and what they can achieve.

From now on,in this blog,I will share with you something never done before : I will give you the ''in between the shadows'' of those communities and games.

I am hoping this will be a transformative experience for each gamer as well.

Finally;I know I''ll be shot at ,because in each of my logs,I will share the ''Truth'' and sometimes it will hurt.

But believe me,I am just a gamer girl,and I know how it is to be hurt :)

SO;ciao for now!


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