18 Nisan 2010 Pazar

an epic plan...in taxim/İstanbul

Hello fellow gamers,

SO....Everyone enjoying the pleasures of the week-end?Alcohol?Sleep?or...grinding@your favorite spot?WoW?Lineage 2? SCII???

For me it was a hilarious week-end.As I mentioned I had to meet my team for the MMORPG TV show and organize a few things for the show.Let me tell you a bit about our hang out <3

It all began with the short haired girl.(Zeynep)She was gonna meet me at the.....auto wash(!)She surely acting mysterious =) I questioned my-self whether or not it was a strategy of sorts..By the time I got there,she was sitting with her big sunglasses waiting for her mom's Jeep to come out of the auto wash.and I was slowly realizing that the night in front of computer writing stuff for the show had a deep impact upon my biology,my REC vs Sunlight was below 0,so to speak.

well,this short haired mysterious girl made me cry as she opened her bag to show me how she had printed the program overview I had emailed her before coming to meet me.
Also,she had her short hair done by the hairdresser and all.
Her hairstyle seemed familiar to me ....as hours passed,I came to understand that she had the exact same hairstyle as her character in that MMO we had played together for months!Of course,as you can guess,I was scared to death;we were playing on opposite factions then....Fortunately,she had not brought her + 45 intelligence staff,so I ''phew'' ed and went on with my relationship..... errrr....presentation strategy.

Speaking of relationships,we had to go pick up another member of our party...I mean another member of our show team from his office.
He came out of the building very fast,when we met and shook hands,it was obvious that he had full strength build!My poor caster fingers screamed and I was knocked out.But I casted a ''mute'' on him with my ever crazy talk and spelled his mind with all the gaming strategy we discussed in the car so when we hit Taksim square he pleasantly agreed to side with me for the show.

As we walked to find a place to drink a beer or two,we were all buffed up ready to discuss our fatal presentation strategy.Of course our attention range was about 20 minutes so once in each 20 minutes a gamer story was pouring out of our infected minds,under the weirdest stare I had ever seen from the guy serving our table.

1 hour later,the last member of our team joined us,big with his build and faith,our immortal paladin had come to shine upon us!

It all fit purrrfectly.I had recruited the best players for my team.Together we formed a homogenized whole which can be mortally funny if you are not wearing your + 5 dexterity armor.

We ended the night dancing@Line,my laptop on sleep mode on our table,full of plans and hope for our future times together.

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  1. It's been a wonderful night. He sat very good team. I hope that with a solid team work we can do good works. Properly distribute my skill points I'm sure:) hope to get a lot of lvl: p

  2. Orçun,

    indeed wonderful night,I feel very confortable with our team and I am pretty sure your stats are ''purrrrfect'' for such a project^^