16 Nisan 2010 Cuma

When guys disappoint you forever.

Hello Gamers,

I am sorry about this more than enough break on my blogging.I have been so busy with my upcoming MMORPG show's design and concepts that I had barely time to eat or sleep...

I know I was going to be writing another article about MMORPG communities,but I am fed up.Needless to say,as much as I share a common point or ' passion with guys,I am not so different from any other girl around.

And this girl is fed up with guys too.

Let me tell you,I am surrounded with beautiful women in every way.I dont need to be jealous about their beauty,they are stunning,smart,funny,sensible,social and I have a deep appreciation for these women.They play online games and most of them kick ass.

On the other hand,I am also surrounded ....no ''haunted'' by different kinds of guys.They are gamers,managers,CEO's,fathers,co-workers,students...
They are sometimes hot,sometimes very smart,sometimes affectionate...sometimes arrogant under the guise of ''telling the truth''

And they dont discriminate...no ,literally.I feel a deep nausea and sadness while writing this.In every and each of my interactions with them,I approached them sincerely,in a humane way...It did not take a second hour for them to comment about how cute I was or try their chance on me.

I understand the call of nature.But why not honoring the other human enough to use your ''cortex'' to control the urge?I think I know why...

Most men are completely insensible about what women may feel.It doesnt matter,women are ''battles to win'' for them.Epic wins!and epic fails...Sadly,in our [modern] society,even humans became items.There is no '' need'' to control an urge with an item.It's just like the npc.You click,it works?Cool...It did not?It surely is bugging!

And I am bugging,right.Report me to the Game Master, now.I need get fixed as I dont choose to date any of them until I understand they are completely ''dispelled'' of this poison.

It is indeed a poison to dispel.ALL HEALERS ON MEN !Mana pots ready?

I am not an item.I am a soul in a female body,who experiences the same world as you,in a slightly different way.Deal with that.

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