2 Nisan 2010 Cuma

MMORPG communities...from virtual to real [part 1]

-World of warcraft
-Ultima Online
-Metin 2
-Cabal online

Have you ever tried playing a MMORPG?

Lets clarify the word:MMORPG means Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games.

That is;you are entering a virtual world through your character and taking a part in its adventures,be it with other real time playing players on the other side of the world,or city,be it with the computer and through quests.

MMORPGs are captivating mostly because of how they are designed to keep you playing with others through internet.All of a sudden you find your-self merging in that virtual world,within your comfort zone,building a team,supporting others,taking down monsters,winning virtual victories as a team,and most importantly;in the luxury of your own home.

The video below tells that humanity spent an important number of hours playing one of the top MMORPG's :World of Warcraft.

You may even have heard about the championnats,the training camps designed for their champion players.

Doesnt it sound a bit like virtual sports?

or a bit extreme?

True,perhaps someone claiming herself a progamer (cough...cough..) should'nt use the word extreme.


Sooner or later every gamer faces this;
the conflict between real world and the time spent in the virtual one.
Our ''devotion'' to the virtual one is not somehow dependent upon our lack of fulfillment?Am I putting my finger on some fragile point of your...monitor...

If you are reading this blog you are not passing 100% of your waken hour gaming.And this is good news.

I am observing that gaming is becoming a culture,a pop thing,something to be proud of,especially in younger folks.Yes it is nice to have your friends gaming with you,discovering stuff online and together,but when you are neglecting your family,forgetting to feed your pets and instead you are ''leveling'' your virtual pet...There's something wrong.

I am browsing through many forums in a week,there are some gaming forums,some business forums,some creative blogs.I encountered a considerable amount of discussion about how games make people uninterested about the outside...

I am thinking;is it really the game it-self influencing the individual this way?
Or is it the individuals ''individual'' and ''undivided'' choice to be isolated by an online game?

Is gaming your choice?
Is gaming the choice of that XxX Company which marketed the product?
Where you define the boundary between your ''game'' and the companies product?

...to be continued


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