3 Mayıs 2010 Pazartesi

Let's play a Game,for Animals...


Hello fellow gamers...and animal lovers,

today I wont be writing about games and MMO's.Instead I am presenting you the above video to demonstrate why I am choosing to play games instead of socializing.

Cruelty,violence...Arent they the hallmarks of many video games?Have you ever questioned why we have so many violence in video games?No?

To ease your effort,I give you 1 answer:

-To begin with,we have it inside our hearts,as humankind.

and we need to keep it alive,spinning like a broken movie in front of our eyes,until we know how to deal with it.Meanwhile,we are doing this to other sentient beings.

This is not judging,this is pointing out where all the blood is coming from...

Let's play a game now,you and me...

*Close your eyes,sit quietly,alone...

*Keep watching your breaths until your thoughts stop racing...just watch...Watch until you feel your heart is filled with peace and soul.

*Stay like this for at least 5 minutes,feel the sweet sunlight on your skin,your heartbeat,the air filling your lungs and through your nostrils...

*Remember your mother,your family,your loved ones,your sweetest memories...Watch them in your minds eyes,again,until you feel living them again,like the first time.

*When you feel you are really ALIVE and HAPPY imagine a hand reaching unto you.

*You suddenly feel an incision unto your veins,your heartbeat is becoming slowly irregular.

*You feel you are loosing the air in your lungs...

*Now you feel all of your blood being sucked by a blackhole,you can not PREVENT it.

*You can not think...All you can feel is that you want to LIVE and LOVE again.

*Life is now leaving you...through your veins,through your lungs.You watch everything you loved fading,for you.It should not be you,but it is.

*The operation is completed,You are another number in the list,your body that you loved and cared for all your life,they carelessly throw it to the GARBAGE.

Wanna play?

I dont think so....

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