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Ok...Let's get it right:MMORPG Communities,from virtual to real [part II]

Hello Gamers,

so...let's get it right this time.Here is the second part of the article:

[MMORPG Communities,from virtual to real]

Is gaming your choice?

Or is it the choice of XxX Company?

Where you define the border between your game and the brand?

Quoting from a ressearch:

''Children tasted 5 pairs of identical foods and beverages in packaging from McDonald’s and matched but unbranded packaging and were asked to indicate if they tasted the same or if one tasted better.... children preferred the tastes of foods and drinks if they thought they were from McDonald’s. Moderator analysis found significantly greater effects of branding among children with more television sets in their homes and children who ate food from McDonald’s more often.''

I am not comparing gamers to children;children are perfect for this kind of ressearch because they always tell the truth and they give their undivided attention to a given task.

It is a well known fact that gamers are unique,different and most of the times ''walking at the edge'' personalities.Each gamer have his/her own preference when to gaming:


*Role Play







Some of us take the easy road up to levels,yet some of us like to spend the entire year focused on leveling 1 character,which,I am afraid by time and given effort seems almost alive to our infected minds...

Diversity:speaks through our multi-task-able fingers.

Yet we can not really put a long time on deciding which brand to choose between MMORPG Games.

For us;it is just another game to try and if the game FITS us,we keep on playing it.This is our virtue:we dont fit in...We make things FIT us.This is our instinct.
And instincts do not need time for reflexion.

So...What does really make a game perfect for our fingers?

Is your game just like another product you get to know through its brand?
Or is it a very personal experience of yours which develops through your own mindful choices...

Let me clarify,this is where we become aware of our gamer identity:hardcore gamer vs social gamer.

A hardcore gamer will put his/her soul into the game,his passion,his creativity.The brand it-self matters not;the hardcore gamer knows that;

He,as a GAMER,is the BRAND.

whereas the SOCİAL one will listen to his/her friends,trying to get to know the games one by one until he/she finds the ''Perfect Brand''

[to be continued]


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