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Aeria Games:Power and the Money,Money and the Power [biggest fraud part II]


Where was I?

In the first article we had an overview of Aeria Games office dynamics.Now let's take it one step further.

Before proceeding to the article I wish to clarify one thing.All that you read,and all that you are going to read are 100% first hand experience of a player who spent 3 years with Aeria Games,half of it as a Game Sage on 2 different servers.

As I mentioned Game Sages are ''volunteers'' who volunteered to be exploited by Aeria in many many diverse ways for 2500 ap per month.
How a Game Sage is chosen by Aeria stays a large mystery,unto which I will happily bring some light in the following paragraphs.

Let's explain this step by step.

A server is set up.Let's take the...FRENCH SERVER:PROELIUM from Shaiya Online.You can see that the server names are successfully chosen by Aeria,they care about their gamer communities national feelings,after all these feelings and bonds play a major role in providing them their monthly INCOME.I have no problem with this.Let them exploit national bonds,I am not a nationalist,so bah.

...However,one thing I would like to mention about their strategy is that Aeria Games uses the national bond very cleverly,they would authenticate their servers running according to different countries customs and habits and they would develop ''tolerances'' to their players differences.

The best example of this,I think is the time when Game Masters in French Server:Proelium forbid the entire servers community speaking ENGLISH in game.Now,now...I know what you are thinking...English is an INTERNATIONAL language,it is almost same as the common language in Lord Of the Rings World,the one that all Elf,Dwarf and Human speak to understand each other.This clue must have hid it-self from the sight of the French Game Masters,under all those msn windows that are used to chat with female Game Sages during loooong,boring office hours.Oh...I think there was only ONE Game Master for French Server when this happened...Anywaaaaaaay.This is an entire different part of our story that I will share in details.


What was the point of not letting English language in the French Server?
For one thing,some of Aeria Points buyers were really French Nationalists.And they did not like to let players who were not french play in that server.So asking Aeria Games limiting the FREEDOM of PLAY and the FREEDOM of SPEECH in a F2P that they were paying seemed RIGHT to them.This is no surprise.The real surprise was the fact that it ALSO appearead RIGHT to the GAME MASTER.Why wouldnt it?They pay,they get what they want.Simple,pure,dirty,capitalist logic.At this point,we began to question Game Master's true identity,lol.So if money works for everything,what a game master would not do?Let's take a look at definitions:

[Gamemaster is usually associated with role-playing games. In a role-playing game the Gamemaster's purpose is to weave the other participants' player-character stories together, control the non-player aspects of the game, and create environments in which the players can interact. The basic roles of Gamemasters - rules help, moderation, and storytelling - are the same in almost all role-playing games, although differing rulesets make the specific duties of the GM unique to that system.] from Wikipedia.

According to this definition,anything not related to these duties would not be relevant to game masters job.

It doesnt seem so for Aeria Games,especially not so for Berlin office.It appears these are also included in Game Masters duties for Aeria Games:

*Taking the side of players who are willing to pay for in game items.

*Answering tickets of players who pay for in game items in less than 15 minutes.

*Leaving all the tickets from players who dont pay for in game items unanswered for at least 3 days.

*Manipulating game dynamics in order to give in game item buyers (they are generically called AP buyers) what they want.

*Sponsoring private guilds,giving them free GM links,items so that they would stay in game and make other players envy them.Cash,cash,cash.

*Satisfying their manly needs through msn,basically with female Game Sages.This one is understandable right?Long,boring office hours,they need a friend to cheer up.A friend that they wont pay to chat.(smiles)

*Organizing in game events that would benefit AP buyers.

Hard work!But pays good.

Besides these,It is also the duty of a game master in Aeria Games to choose volunteers for a server from the thick pile of volunteer applications.

And this is when things get complicated for the office.

But this,I will explain in the next part,very very soon.

So until then ,CIAO gamers!

P.S:the video is an online interview that explains Shaiya Online's in game dynamics.I thought it would perfectly complete this article in which I explain in office dynamics.The voice belongs to the actual Product Manager of the French Server,Proelium,the ex Game-Master that if you played in that server,you will remember very well.Here is another genuine side of Aeria Games,no need to fire employees,or hire new ones,instead RECYCLE THEM!

to be continued,for a very long time...


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