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Aeria Games:Biggest Fraud in Gaming World [ part I ]

Hello fellow gamers,

I would never even dream about these:but all that you are going to read is 100% truth.
I would never dream about having such trauma and insults through an online gaming companies staff,aka Game Masters.

Let's begin with clarifying things as usual.

Aeria Games:an established american gaming company that faired well in last 5 years internationally and put an office in Berlin,Germany in order to broadcast to Europe.
Aeria Games,strategically,hires employees that are well versed in at least 1 european language,that understand marketing a product (F2P games in this case) and that also have community management skills,as their online community would need ''managing'' in their opinion.

Wait, I will not spoil the story so soon :)

They structure their marketing strategy locally,meaning they would open a server for each country,US,German,French,Spanish,Turkish et caetera.And they would choose their employees or in Santa Clara,or in Berlin as they function basically from these 2 offices.By the way Berlin office recently moved to a nicer flat thanks to German servers high success or thanks to their operation managers laziness,as the new place is closer to his new rented luxurious flat.You should meet that guy,Spencer Chi,really nice,handsome,clever;a young american in his thirties who has taiwanese origins and who eats like a pig,he likes t-shirts with dragon symbols and he uses his Apple Iphone like a pro,shooting pics from every work trip he made.Really nice guy.He gets drunk quiet easily.He should work on that...Right..

As they are really really caring and they want to make sure their employees feel at home in the office;they even include a gaming room to their offices,next to series of Macintoshs linked together for each servers system admins,game masters,and community managers,the latter have a more global function in Aeria,they make sure the entire community is entertained and is following the extremely monotonous work of GMs,monster spawns,relic captures and a dozen of other GM events they stole from their volunteers creative minds and compiled on a list that the whole Berlin office is using when they are short on in game events,and this happens quiet often.(yes;volunteers,I will explain,dont worry,continue reading!)

What was I telling...Oh yes;volunteers!What are volunteers for Aeria Games?

Well as most of you know the monetary system of F2P's,these games makes money through in game items.And these items should be sold in some way to players who naively think they are playing a 100% free online game.Aeria Games came up with a monstrous solution to this marketing dilemma...

So,what they do is simple and genious,GMs handpick some pro gamers in the server,they contact them in game in a friendly way and they provide them ap( Aeria Points,meaning items that can be earned through paying with real cash,PayPal etc) items.So the entire community envies the pro player and begin spending as much as possible to look like ''pro'' .This is the first wave of volunteers,unofficially.They feed Game Masters and the entire Aeria Games employees.

There is a second wave of volunteers,and they are called Game Sages.What a cool name! A Sage...Reminds me of zen masters who transcend physicality.Almost God-like!
These are players that are highly exploited for precisely 2500 ap per month,this would equal to 25 dollars in cash with real money.

Game Sages,per the company definition;are players who volunteer to help other players and Game Masters to run events,manage the community,and help in forums and in game to others...You need to apply to become a Game Sage and you should have a very good experience of the game you are applying to,a helpful character and will to put up with Game Masters personality disorders.The last quality is especially relevant to our story.Take it from a medical student who will major in psychiatry.And all these for 2500 ap,25 dollars per month.

Game Sages have nothing more than a regular player per company official definition,however they have contact with GMs,and they can chat with them mostly through msn to organize events,share ideas,and basically to replace them when they dont feel like working.Yes,Aeria managed to market this concept through its entire community and it sells like no gold would sell.Just the name tells it all:Game Sage;a respected place to be in a F2P...Right...

Not quiet right.Or not quiet the right place to be in a F2P as Shaiya Online:Light and Darkness where all the GMs are men in this itty bitty Berlin office if you are a...............


to be continued...very soon.

part II: When a Game Master asks for more !

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