7 Haziran 2010 Pazartesi

Gaming as a product.How to kiss the [right] frog?!

Hello fellow gamers...

So...summer is here and we are still in front of our monitors waiting for the next MMORPG to show the light? =)

Whatever is your reason to be here,I welcome you to this blog where I share a bit of my personal life mixed with a semi-pro interest in the gaming world.

Recently I have been working on a MMROPG TV show project as you can read below.
It is a slow work basically because I am the only one planning each piece of it until the pieces look good enough to my perfectionist eyes,and even thn I worry a lot,I dont sleep well,I wake up and go on working on it,planning,restructuring,worrying it will look artificial because I put too much thought on it...Meanwhile,I forget about my exams,my lunch time,my weight...

Today I realize I had isolated my-self for 4 whole days building interface for our future network as we (I have 1 team member now...but this we can apply to my future cooperations =) ) expect our own community to be present through our web site on net and we want to make sure they stay connected to each other...So I put social media tools such as twitter,facebook pages,blogs to be able to reach and connect them in a holistic way...

Too many hours of net made me realize I was seeking something inside of my-self on the pages...I was seeking to create something so successfully authentical that it would be close to anything crazy and out of border...A ''border-line'' project so to speak.

SO...I found my-self immersed in marketing strategy texts,social media ideas,innovative approaches of spreading ideas and most importantly; inspirations on ''how to put a strong community together''

I met a few very inspiring people on the way...I wont mention their names as I am pretty much sure they know who they are...Instead I will talk to you about how they influenced me (because even when I wanted to keep my purely authentical approach,people showed up and they influenced me to be more ''me'' and less ''other'')

From what I understand now connecting people under a same umbrella of interest requires a strong effort and continuity.Plus a growing trust on your community members.Nowadays you need to push that old idea of putting your brand or product in the eyes of your target audience in hopes that they will get hypnotised on your pub or add and so they will finally use it,or click it...Instead you need show them why they can trust you and your product.What is behind the product?Who is behind the product?What are his strong points,what are his weak points.

It is not only about getting them to use the product...But it is about showing them who you truly are and what you put inside this product of your-self.

Everyone drinks water...We need it to survive.But some companies put mineral into it and some puts fresh mountain water...This is diversity,products need to adapt to peoples diverse ways and qualities.

Some of the strong points of my inspirations were; their unique approach on everything they do,their passion,their willingness to link what they do with their fields of sincere interests.Their products were not their boring office works,but these products were coming from their life,their day,their inspirations,their life experience.So,the product was no longer an artificial need,but a sincere creation,an artwork in it-self with all the energy of the creators unique symphony.

Another one of their strong point was their open-mindness...Their ability to welcome new ideas and adapt them into their unique approach.They were not fearing criticism,instead they were able to see that those criticisms were feeding their work as they could smash the idea of old in the criticism and instead rebuild another concept...That is..a new trend.

Let's talk about weak points also,as each character in the gaming world has them,so did my inspirations.

I think their worst weakness was an ultimate trust on their community.Let's face the reality...Nothing is perfect or pure good...Even the most charitable organisations have dark corners within their web.And to be honest,one dark spot can spread into the whole communities face.If we get too personal about protecting the image of the community we can end up being labeled snob or selfish..Or at best a violent character...This is important for the community management,if you are to build trust,you need to be balanced.And this is a non-polar balance based on logic,strategy,passion and compassion combined...One small crack in the leaders sword can split the community in two.One small effort to exaggerate the situation can lead to loss of trust;that is loss of your community member.Be it only one or be it millions;loss of members is a failure and failure will follow failure if you dont fill those cracks in your sword.

Fortunately,those who are able to see the human side of the manager will pull their lesson of this and go on contributing to the community,directly or indirectly.

SO is life...We can not go on blaming life because it is not perfect,instead we should continously ask for more,better dreams,sweeter tastes and we should do our best to make them happen.This is humane and this is what love is about...

Thanks much to my inspirations,with each of whom I deeply and humane-ly fell in love.

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